How to stream your PowerPoint presentation online?

Sometimes, streaming a PowerPoint presentation may be very useful, specially when you want or need to interact with those watching you. Some good options are available for this purpose but you need to pay for a premium account. This function was created on Microsoft Powerpoint some versions ago, but until now still unused.

Following these steps, you’ll be able to:

  1. Stream your presentation online and;
  2. (Additionally) Add a QR Code for allowing your watchers to access your presentation more easily.

You only need:

  1. A licensed Office account;
  2. A Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and;
  3. Internet connection.

FIRST STEP: Open the Powerpoint presentation you want to stream.

There are no restrictions for using this function of PowerPoint, but you need to pay attention for some aspects:

  1. Videos or animated images on your presentation may not be able to play in a stream;
  2. Transitions and other spectactular animations on PowerPoint too;
  3. If you have a video in your presentation, preffer to add a link to its location and play in a external software during your presentation;
  4. Big files takes more time for uploading, then be patient;
  5. All texts written in your slides will be coppied to presentation window, so take care for what you write in “Notes” window.



Here you will find a square button called “Present Online”. Clicking on it, you will upload your presentation to a temporary server that will broadcast your presentation.

If you want to allow your watchers to download your presentation, check on “Enable remote viewers to download the presentation”. Your Powerpoint file (.ppt or .pptx) will be downloaded to watchers device.


THIRD STEP: Wait your presentation to upload.

Be patient if your file size is big.


FOURTH STEP: Copy or Send the URL to your presentation.

Is this URL you will share with your watchers. The options are:

  1. Copy link for sharing (not very useful, specially because watchers need to write it to access the presentation);
  2. Send in Email (you can use it if your watchers are connected with their emails; not useful for bigger audiences);
  3. Send in IM… (nothing to tell…).

Considering these options to share the presentation URL, I developed the following steps for allowing my watchers to easily access my stream…

FIFTH STEP: Create a QR Code.

With the URL for presentation copied to clipboard, open your browser in a QR Code Generator. The best option I found is, because you are able to choose the size and a file type with better quality (.png).

So, paste the URL into “Content” for Website adress.


SIXTH STEP: Edit your QR Code.

By default, I place the size on 400 pixels with a white border higher than 5. Download your QR Code as a PNG file for a better quality image.


SEVENTH STEP: Paste your QR Code in first slides of your presentation.

I paste it in first and second slides, for allowing watchers to shot the code in first moments of the presentation. REMEMBER, you’ll do this just before to start your presentation, so it’s recommended to try this when you are preparing your presentation to avoid or predict issues on your slides.

It’s useful to paste it in some slides in the middle of your presentation, considering that some watchers may be late for your meeting.

!Attention!: Immediatly after pasting the QR Code, an alert will be shown on your presentation. “ONLINE PRESENTATION PAUSED”. Don’t worry. This happens because Powerpoint detected that the content of the file uploaded recently is different now. When you finish to paste the QR Code in some slides of your presentation, click on “Resume” button found in that alert. Only click “Resume” after making all changes on your presentation, this will update your presentation online.


The “Resume” button will bring you a small window showing that your live stream is being updated. Wait some seconds (or maybe minutes) until finished…8

LAST STEP: ENJOY IT! Your presentation is ready for sharing!

Now it’s time to duplicate your presentation in a projector and to tell your watchers that your slides are streaming online. They only need to read the QR Code to have access to the presentation in their smartphones, tablets or computers.


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